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Some things about web.lex

Raf Chmielewski07 February 2017Comments (0)

Marketers usually say:

Don’t talk about yourself – it does not interest to anyone!


It is true, but … There is always some “buts”…

The problem is you cannot promote anything without telling smoething about you or your product or your service. Right? This is why the question is: how to tell what is really needed, how to tell somethig about yourself, without telling about yourself. Is it really possible?

Yes! I will explain that later on but now I want to tell you something about web.lex


web.lex is growing quickly. Every month we welcome several new law offices who want to run their law blogs with us. How we market ourself? How I promote the web.lex’s services? Runnig my blogs. It is easy and simple. And … gives me so much fun 🙂

Yesterday I was conducting a business meeting with our new client – PLP Law Office. PLP is located in Kiev (Ukraine) and specializes in corporate law as well as debt collecting. As the lawyers are looking for international growth they decided to run law blogs with web.lex.

So, we had a very nice meeting yesterday. We were talking about law blogs and why they are so effective as a marketing tool for lawyers. I also explained Ukrainian Lawyers how law blogs work and what are the most important things every lawyer – a blog’s author – should know about a law blog.

I had a short presentation as well. If you want to look inside (PDF) – just clik on the picture:

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