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Specialization in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski27 November 2016Comments (0)

Specialization in a Law Blog is something that has to be taken into account already at the moment of making a decision about a blog. This is a very important part of building an e-strategy for a law office. Something that must be considered as its fundamentals. Many Law Blogs these days have wrong fundamentals. Usually, their subjects are too wide.

I started my first Law Blog in 2008. As I had been working for a global corporation in the tax international department at that time, I decided to run
a tax blog. It was one of the first Law Blogs in that part of the World. And maybe the very first one.

I chose taxation as the subject of the blog. It was a natural decision for me, of course. But I didn’t want to describe entire tax law. I wanted to focus on personal taxation of people working abroad.

After two years of developing the blog, I realized that the subject of my blog was… too wide! Yes! Many lawyers asked me why I thought so. Nevertheless, it wasn’t about taxation as a whole but only about personal taxation of people being in specific circumstances, namely working abroad. The subject was not wide at first glance!


You must know that a successful Law Blog should take into account the homogeneous group of readers. They should know without any doubt that the blog is exactly for them. That they don’t need to look for another website and what they were looking for is right here.

If a Law Blog focuses on a subject which can be interesting for two or more different groups of people, then they don’t want to read the blog, they don’t want to comment and interact with the author and finally, they don’t trust the author as much as they should! Then this is a serious problem…

Now you can say:

Raf, can you show me the subject scope of your tax blog? You narrowed the subject to personal taxation in fact! So, the only people interested in it are those who work abroad! Isn’t it an extremely narrow subject for a Law Blog?

No, it isn’t. Why?

As I wrote, after two years of running my tax blog I understood that from the point of view of one country, people working abroad are in different circumstances depending on the foreign country in which they live. I mean that people working in country A are a quite different group of readers (clients) than people working in country B. Both live in different law systems, in different realities, use different languages, have different social rules and so on. So, they are different groups and I must take that into account.

Then, I made a decision to test some ideas. I decided to test a tax blog for people working in Netherlands as foreigners. I set up a new tax blog, put some articles on, copied products (e-books and e-courses) from the first tax blog and started to wait for the results of my test.

Can you guess what the results were?


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