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To SEO or not to SEO – how important the SEO of your Law Blog is

Raf Chmielewski24 August 2017Comments (0)

How to write in a law blogLawyers usualy think that what they should do in their Law Blogs is to write articles in the search engine friendly manner. They think so because every SEO specialist tells them that it is the only way in which their blogs can be shown in the Google, Bing and so on. But… is it the correct way of thinking? Is it the best way to run a blog?

I am the last person to tell you that you don’t have to check the position in a search engine. You should do it but sometimes the position is not the key to success.

So what the correct answer is? How important the SEO of your Law Blog is?

There are many blogging-lawyers among my clients. But two of them are really exceptional. One of them (Nicholas) writes about trademarks. The second one (Aneta) describes the law of transplantation. The two Law Blogs are mostly the same at the first sight but it is not true. There is a fundamental difference betwen them and that sets up the difference in the way of promotion of the blogs.

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