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Relation in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski12 November 2016Comments (0)

I participate in more than one hundred different marketing strategies in law firms. Those strategies are realized by Law Blogs. I have constant access to the statistics of those Blogs and can easily compare their outcome with the content of the Blogs and the behavior of their authors. This outcome results form a Relation. A Relation between a lawyer and the readers of his or her blog.

You can ask: Raf, what do you mean when you say the Relation?

Well…the Relation means some kind of emotions. Something which is almost impossible to measure. The Relation, in the case of law blogging, is a set of emotions between people. It leads prospects to decide, whether to ask
a lawyer – the author of a Blog – for help. Or … not to ask.

I think that the Relation between a lawyer and his or her client can be divided into two different groups of emotions. One of them is Trust. The second one is constituted by other positive emotions, such as warmth, liking, cordiality, and so on.

Why is Trust different from the rest of emotions?

The answer is quite simple…

Trust comes from facts. It comes from the objective elements of reality which are, most of all, a professional title as well as education, experience,
a scientific title, being an author in a certain subject, etc. These measurable facts result in feeling Trust in one’s awareness.

What about other emotions? Where do they come from?

They come from other factors. I will tell you about them in the next article. For now, it’s important for you to know that if you run and develop your Law Blog you should try to build a deep Relation. The Relation which is composed of two kinds of emotions.


The majority of Law Blogs are written developing Trust but no other emotions, while in today’s market conditions, it is not enough. Why? This is because generating clients from a Law Blog requires a deeper Relation than the Relation based on Trust only. The number of Law Blogs is huge and a deeper Relation helps a lawyer to distinguish himself or herself from other lawyers – Law Blog authors – and, what is more, leads to much better cooperation with clients and influencers.

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