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“How long an article in a Law Blog should be?”

Raf Chmielewski29 November 2016Comments (0)

There are many myths about Law Blogs among lawyers. One of them says:

An article in a Law Blog has to be long for the sake of SEO.

Is it true or false?

It is a fact that lawyers quite often ask me how long a single article should be. They are even afraid that running a blog takes too much time they don’t really have.


The answer is not simple. Or… the answer should rather be: it is neither true nor false – as lawyers usually like to say 🙂

So what is the truth?

It is a fact that blog articles that are “longer”, which means that they have about 400 – 500 words, are shown higher in search engine results than those of less words. If you are a person who prefers writing longer texts – your blog posts will probably have higher positions in search results.


Sometimes, it is worth writing shorter articles. Or really short ones.


If you don’t want to write long articles you DON’T have to write articles of 500 words or more! You can use only ONE word! If you want to – do it! Just do it! Such an article is not SEO-friendly, of course, but not every blog post should be SEO-friendly! Some of them have to be “reader-friendly”.

What do you mean Raf?

Well, I mean that your readers (namely prospects and clients and…influencers) should get to know you while reading your blog. They should get to know your personality and your character. These factors build emotions and eventually establish a relation that is really needed between you and the readers. This is why we sometimes write shorter articles – to show our readers who we really are.


Remember – the RELATION is the key. Writing long as well as mini articles, depending on your willingness at the time of writing, is the way to show your audience WHO YOU ARE. Not as a lawyer but as a real person.

Have a nice day my Friend 🙂

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