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The lenght of a law blog article

Raf Chmielewski09 December 2016Comments (0)

Sometimes a law blog post can be really short. And when I say that it can be very short, I mean exactly what I mean 🙂

Listen …

In the previous post, at the very end of it, I mentioned my own experience. One day, a few years ago, I wrote a post which didn’t even have one sentence (!) but only its Title. YES! The Title and nothing more! Zero! No word!

I the Title a wrote:

You can have a blog beautiful like a picture or an effective blog – choose!

And I didn’t write a word.

Just the Title.

Why did I do so?

Just because I could! It’s simple. First of all, a Law Blog is not like an ordinary newspaper. When you write for a newspaper you have to be short and essential. It’s a rule that has to be taken into account. You cannot write as you can or want to. You have to accept that rule, otherwise you would not be allowed to write anything.

A Law Blog is a completely different medium. And you are its owner – you can do whatever you want. Always think out of the box!

Second? The Relation is the key. A few posts ago, I wrote about an article that is “reader-friendly” and not search-engine-friendly. For me, reader-friendly means that people should get to know you while reading your blog. They should get to know your personality and your character. It is a crucial factor in the creation of the Relation which you need in order to be successful (not only in business but in a private life as well).

This is why when you write as you really want, and not as the search engines force you to, you can gain something more valuable than the crowd on your Law Blog – the loyalty of your readers: prospects, clients and influencers.

The loyalty is a strong relation and this is really hard to create. What is more, it takes time. But time makes the best things on Earth. Always. And at the end of the day, you will have a crowd of people who really believe in you, in your words and in who you really are. Those are the best clients.


Do not be afraid! Write the way you really want to. Write in your own manner. Always.

 …. Getting back to my own experience of this really short „only-the-title-article”…

That article generated one of the longest discussions I have ever seen in my blogs. What was really interesting for me to observe, was that the commentators tried to find out what had happened. Why did I do so. They were really curious and their emotions were real. The first person wrote:

Raf, there is something wrong with your blog.

But the fifteenth comment expressed the reason:

Look, I suppose it’s Raf’s provocation.

After that, the readers followed the suggestion and at the end of the discussion, I wrote my own comment. I explained to them why I had written only the Title and not a word of an ordinary article. It was a very long answer.

What was the effect?

I show my readers who I am. That I am not as anyone else. I am a different, unique person. You can like me or not. You can love me or not. It’s your choice.

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