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The Law Blog tells a story

Raf Chmielewski18 January 2017Comments (2)

I am on a train now going quickly to one of the greatest cities in Europe – Cracow. As more and more law firms have law blogs, I travel a lot. It is very nice of course – I really love to be on a journey. Not only at work but also in my life.

While I am on board, I can do many things: write the next article, read a book, call my mum or my clients, even sleep. What is really amazing is that whatever I do during that time, my blogs work for me. They are read by my potential clients and thus it is possible to establish a relation between us. My blogs never sleep. Never feel bored or tired. They just work hard with my passion and with patience.

My blogs build my brand. They help me inform my clients about who I am, about my know-how, my knowledge and experience. 

The blogs speak to people with my style and my language. 

They talk about me not according to my schedule but when my readers want to hear me, wherever they are.

My blogs tell my story.


This is why by writing my blogs, I save my time.

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John Ocrestingua January 19, 2017 at 10:57

Hello Mr. Chmielewski!

It is a very nice blog! I am a lawyer in Brazil. So your knowledge is really useful for me.

Thank you and regards!


Raf Chmielewski January 19, 2017 at 11:01


Mr. Ocrestingua it is nice to hear from you! And that the blog carries my message even to Brazil!

You are welcomed to my blog!

Raf Chmielewski


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