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A Law Blog and Mr. Einstein

Raf Chmielewski01 December 2016Comments (0)

Last time, I wrote about how long an article in a Law Blog should be.

Conclusion was that it doesn’t matter how long it is. What matters is what you really want to write. Or, better, what you want to tell your readers! If you want to write a long article – then write one. On the other hand, if you want to write a short one – do it!

The rule is very simple.

You must know that I teach lawyers several times a month how to successfully run a Law Blog. I train them and explain to them how to do it effectively and with real passion. During those numerous courses, I have usually been telling my students that writing a blog post is like reading off Albert Einstein’s Relativity Theory.


Look: the Relativity Theory has one short and simple formula that is E=mc2. Just E=mc2.

Simple? Of course 🙂

Despite its simplicity and brevity, this formula has been influencing physicists for decades! The formula, in fact, doesn’t have to be longer and more complex to be more important, more impressive or just better. It can be so short and simple.


Law Blog articles can be similar to the formula of the Relativity Theory. It doesn’t have to be long and complex to be more important, more impressive, or better. It can really contain only ONE SENTENCE! That one sentence is sometimes enough.

Remember – ONE.


But … if you write only one sentence post after post it will be really difficult for your Law Blog to place itself at the top of search engine results. In order to win the game, you should create longer articles from time to time. OK? 🙂

Now, I can tell you one of my own experiences … One day I wrote an article in one of my blogs which had only its Title! Only the Title and nothing more! HAHA 🙂 Zero words! Really!

The effect was awesome… but I will tell you about that next time 🙂

Have a good time my Friend!


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