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Content vs traffic in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski14 September 2017Comments (2)

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Lawyers usually ask me the question:

– Raf, tell me what is more important – content or traffic?

Well… the answer is not simple. Despite the fact that most of the marketers say that Content is King, they are finally of the opinion that the traffic is even more important than the content.

Frankly speaking… they are right! Why? Because there are blogs that directly generate business and money for their authors. There are blogs that are their authors’ main source of income. In such blogs the traffic, not the content, is the king. Traffic is everything.

But … it is definitely not true for Law Blogs.


Law Blogs alone are not the source of income. They are only the marketing tool for a lawyer. The tool that is not the main source of business. Law Blogs are the only one part of the law firm’s marketing strategy. They need traffic of course but the traffic is not the primary goal of an existence of any Law Blog.

Any Law Blog does not bring money directly – it brings clients… who then bring money! That is the difference. This is why the content – engaging content – is most needed in any Law Blog. You do not get clients from a blog unless you have an engaging content in your Law Blog.

If you have millions of readers every month, but the content is poor – they go away and never come back. But if you have ten readers in the same period of time but the content is great – you can have ten clients. I am sure that this rule is quite simple and obvious for you.

But … the great and beautiful World is not so easy 😉 Despite the fact that the content is king you cannot forget… the traffic, right? If you have a very engaging content in your Law Blog but have ZERO readers, you have lost. This is similar to the situation of the best actor on an empty island. That poor man needs an audience to be the best actor on this island. Similarly, you need readers who can stand up and clap their hands.

At this moment, you can be a little bit cofused:

– Raf, I do not understand…, so what is more important in a Law Blog?

The answer is: Definitely the engaging content is the most important thing in a Law Blog, but you should as well think of the traffic. Fortunately, we live in a world, that the great content alone generates traffic.

How it does so? I will tell you in the next post… [which you can read here …]

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Thomas Correl September 14, 2017 at 09:01

Dear Mr. Chmielewski!

I really appreciate your blog! I run a small law firm in LA and try to get clients from my own law blog. Could you please look on my blog and send me some thoughts?



Raf Chmielewski September 14, 2017 at 11:17

Hi Mr. Correl!

Thank you for your appreciation! I will review your law blog with pleasure 🙂

Send me the address of your blog using my e-mail: rafal.chmielewski@web-lex.pl

Raf 🙂


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