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I believe in the World of free and creative people. I want to inspire Lawyers to develop their practicies by really efective Law Blogs.
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A couple months ago, when I and web.lex started to cooperate with the Ukrainian law firm PLP, they asked me a simple question: – Raf, tell us WHY should we run our own Law Blog? – It is simple my friends. This is why: a Law Blog sells. Period! ***** You must know that not […]

Some things about web.lex

Raf Chmielewski07 February 2017Comments (0)

Marketers usually say: Don’t talk about yourself – it does not interest to anyone! HAHA 🙂 It is true, but … There is always some “buts”… The problem is you cannot promote anything without telling smoething about you or your product or your service. Right? This is why the question is: how to tell what is really […]