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I believe in the World of free and creative people. I want to inspire Lawyers to develop their practicies by really efective Law Blogs.
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Storytelling in a Law Blog

Great content generates traffic

Raf Chmielewski26 October 2017Comments (2)

I am on the train right now, going to one of the greatest cities in Central Europe. The train is in a hurry. The landscape is beautiful but, unfortunately, disappearing very quickly. It is autumn and you can see it and smell it in the air. Today promises to be a very interesting day. One […]

Content vs traffic in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski14 September 2017Comments (2)

Lawyers usually ask me the question: – Raf, tell me what is more important – content or traffic? Well… the answer is not simple. Despite the fact that most of the marketers say that Content is King, they are finally of the opinion that the traffic is even more important than the content. Frankly speaking… […]

If I say or write: I am the best, you will certainly not believe me, right? Or you will say: HAHA 🙂 Raf, are you kidding me? SHOW ME that you are really the best!  … This is why words alone are not enough. In order to prove that I am the best I have to show […]

The Law Blog tells a story

Raf Chmielewski18 January 2017Comments (2)

I am on a train now going quickly to one of the greatest cities in Europe – Cracow. As more and more law firms have law blogs, I travel a lot. It is very nice of course – I really love to be on a journey. Not only at work but also in my life. […]