Raf Chmielewski

I believe in the World of free and creative people. I want to inspire Lawyers to develop their practicies by really efective Law Blogs.
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About web.lex

In web.lex, we believe in changing the whole World. We change the way lawyers promote their legal practices in many countries. They do so through effective Law Blogs.

What does an effective Law Blog mean?

An effective Law Blog requires less time to run and develop and most of all, it builds a deep relation between its author and his or her prospects, client as well as different influencers.

The secret of an effective Law Blog lays in:

  • its construction
  • its content
  • its promotion, and
  • its author’s behavior.

This is exactly what we proudly do in web.lex and how we help lawyers in many countries:

  • we build well-designed and codded Law Blogs for lawyers
  • we teach lawyers how to create inspiring contents
  • we promote the content of Law Blogs and their authors
  • we teach lawyers how to behave properly in their Law Blogs.

So far, web.lex has inspired hundreds of lawyers in the EU to run their Law Blogs. Most of them are permanently supported by our company.