Raf Chmielewski

I believe in the World of free and creative people. I want to inspire Lawyers to develop their practicies by really efective Law Blogs.
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About me

I believe in a World where people can be free. A World where everyone can express themselves without feeling restricted, in their unique way. 

I live my life following this basic principal, along with the desire to help others become more effective, open minded and happy people. I encourage lawyers to overcome their challenges in the complex environments of todays market and help them grow their practicies through effective Law Blogs. This dream is also the driving force behind web.lex – a consulting firm for lawyers I started back in 2010.

However, my journey started even further back. Before setting up web.lex, I was working for KPMG in the international tax department. After realizing I was the wrong person in the wrong place, I decided that I needed to quit my well-paid job and move beyond the world of cubicles. And as I was preparing to leave the corporate world, I begun writing my first Law Blog – a blog about international taxation. The blog became widely popular and it generated more money than I ever earned before. My blog’s success showed me that there are other ways to do my work and it propelled me to leave KPMG and become a full-time tax blogger.

This dramatic shift turned my initially uninspiring job into a passion and something fun.

Managing a Law Blog is quite simple and doesn’t require the same amount of energy, time or stress compared to many corporate jobs. In fact, my writing helped me gain a certain level of fame and even influence the Ministry of Finance to propose to the Parliament to make changes in the tax codes. I was able to make even more money by sharing my ideas through e-books, e-courses and so on. And eventually my client list included people from all over the World.

As my blog grew into a prosperous company, my life also became a lot more comfortable and I felt content. However I also felt that I had a larger mission to fulfill and that desire prompted me to set up a new company called web.lex – a first EU consulting firm, with the goal to help lawyers grow their law practicies through Law Blogs.

So far web.lex inspired hundreds of lawyers in Central and Western Europe (Poland, UK, Germany and Austria) to develop and manage their Law Blogs. The number of Law Blogs growing each month is exponential. And these are some of the best Law Blogs in the world.

The goal of Amazing Law Blog is to guide you and help you develop the most effective Law Blog. And the resources provided here, are intended to teach you how to manage, develop, respond to comments, and inspire your clients to connect with your law practice rather than the competition. I want to help you make the most of your law practice and create new possibilities for you to reach the audiences across the globe.