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August 2017

How to write a Law Blog post

Raf Chmielewski31 August 2017Comments (5)

Legal writing is not as difficult as it appears to be. The biggest misunderstanding lays in the style of the legal writing. In order to create a good legal article you must understand what the Law Blog really is. So below you will not find some sentences of how to write a legal blog post but […]

A couple months ago, when I and web.lex started to cooperate with the Ukrainian law firm PLP, they asked me a simple question: – Raf, tell us WHY should we run our own Law Blog? – It is simple my friends. This is why: a Law Blog sells. Period! ***** You must know that not […]

Lawyers usualy think that what they should do in their Law Blogs is to write articles in the search engine friendly manner. They think so because every SEO specialist tells them that it is the only way in which their blogs can be shown in the Google, Bing and so on. But… is it the […]