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I believe in the World of free and creative people. I want to inspire Lawyers to develop their practicies by really efective Law Blogs.
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November 2016

There are many myths about Law Blogs among lawyers. One of them says: An article in a Law Blog has to be long for the sake of SEO. Is it true or false? It is a fact that lawyers quite often ask me how long a single article should be. They are even afraid that running a blog […]

Specialization in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski27 November 2016Comments (0)

Specialization in a Law Blog is something that has to be taken into account already at the moment of making a decision about a blog. This is a very important part of building an e-strategy for a law office. Something that must be considered as its fundamentals. Many Law Blogs these days have wrong fundamentals. […]

Relation in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski12 November 2016Comments (0)

I participate in more than one hundred different marketing strategies in law firms. Those strategies are realized by Law Blogs. I have constant access to the statistics of those Blogs and can easily compare their outcome with the content of the Blogs and the behavior of their authors. This outcome results form a Relation. A Relation […]