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Content vs traffic in a Law Blog

Raf Chmielewski14 September 2017Comments (2)

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Lawyers usually ask me the question:

– Raf, tell me what is more important – content or traffic?

Well… the answer is not simple. Despite the fact that most of the marketers say that Content is King, they are finally of the opinion that the traffic is even more important than the content.

Frankly speaking… they are right! Why? Because there are blogs that directly generate business and money for their authors. There are blogs that are their authors’ main source of income. In such blogs the traffic, not the content, is the king. Traffic is everything.

But … it is definitely not true for Law Blogs.


Law Blogs alone are not the source of income. They are only the marketing tool for a lawyer. The tool that is not the main source of business. Law Blogs are the only one part of the law firm’s marketing strategy. They need traffic of course but the traffic is not the primary goal of an existence of any Law Blog.

Any Law Blog does not bring money directly – it brings clients… who then bring money! That is the difference. This is why the content – engaging content – is most needed in any Law Blog. You do not get clients from a blog unless you have an engaging content in your Law Blog.

If you have millions of readers every month, but the content is poor – they go away and never come back. But if you have ten readers in the same period of time but the content is great – you can have ten clients. I am sure that this rule is quite simple and obvious for you.

But … the great and beautiful World is not so easy 😉 Despite the fact that the content is king you cannot forget… the traffic, right? If you have a very engaging content in your Law Blog but have ZERO readers, you have lost. This is similar to the situation of the best actor on an empty island. That poor man needs an audience to be the best actor on this island. Similarly, you need readers who can stand up and clap their hands.

At this moment, you can be a little bit cofused:

– Raf, I do not understand…, so what is more important in a Law Blog?

The answer is: Definitely the engaging content is the most important thing in a Law Blog, but you should as well think of the traffic. Fortunately, we live in a world, that the great content alone generates traffic.

How it does so? I will tell you in the next post…

If I say or write: I am the best, you will certainly not believe me, right? Or you will say: HAHA 🙂 Raf, are you kidding me? SHOW ME that you are really the best! 

… This is why words alone are not enough.

In order to prove that I am the best I have to show you my results. The results are the proof. If you do it, you don’t even have to say anything more. You don’t have to say: I’m the best – buy from me.

People believe in actions – not in words.

Actions stand for proofs… Facts stand for proofs.

I am sure you understand me. It’s enough to show facts.


This is also the golden rule in any Law Blog post.

You simply cannot say that you are the best lawyer in your specialization or in your area. People, your readers, potential clients, will not believe in your words. Worse: they will think that you are one the worst lawyers because if you were the best you woudn’t say that.

This is why you have to show the proof.

How to do so?

There are several ways, but one of the most important is telling “law stories”.

If you tell your “law stories” in a good style something remarkable happens. Your readers start to think of you as the only one who has enough experience to help them.

This is why I always say that telling good “law stories” changes everything in every Law Blog [needless to say that stories changes the whole culture – even the culture of the whole country]. You can write about the law and have a simple Law Blog but you can also tell stories and have an amazing Law Blog. This is your choice.

I would definitely choose stories. Law Stories.

Law Blog

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How to write a Law Blog post

Raf Chmielewski31 August 2017Comments (2)

Legal writing is not as difficult as it appears to be. The biggest misunderstanding lays in the style of the legal writing. In order to create a good legal article you must understand what the Law Blog really is. So below you will not find some sentences of how to write a legal blog post but what is the appropriate style of a Law Blog.

Most of the Law Blog authors write their articles as if they were speaking at a conference. Or as if they were writing a newspaper’s article. The style is raw, formal, professional, and somewhat dry. They try to be serious, and want to express themself wisely.

Ok! When you are giving a keynote, or are creating a legal piece of content to an ordinary newspaper, such style is exactly what you need. What is more – you cannot write in a different way! You are doing really good job.

But … a Law Blog is a quite different tool of law office promotions. And as a different tool it needs a different strategy, planning, occupation, thinking and style of writing. It is not the same as a formal speech or formal presentation.

The two general rules of writing a Law Blog post are:

  • write as if you were telling directly to your reader,
  • tell a story – I mean use a storytelling concept.

You must know that what differs a successful Law Blog from a not successful one is its communication. I mean that you should be communicative if your readers are to respond to you. By mailing, by commenting, by phone etc. They should have an impression that you are talking just to them. It is a very simple rule but unfortunately is seen rarely. Why? Because we, as lawyers, are accustomed to formal writing and that style of communication seems natural for us.

Being not communicative is desirable in newspapers. But a blog, especially a Law Blog, is a completely different story. Remember that, ok?

As storytelling is taken into account there are many reasons explaining why it is very wise to tell stories. Telling a story is the best way to explain a difficult subject matter, the best way to be remembered by a reader, the best way to have a high position in search engine results and most of all it is the best way to say, that you have knowledge and experience.

I usually like to say:

Law Blog


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A couple months ago, when I and web.lex started to cooperate with the Ukrainian law firm PLP, they asked me a simple question:

– Raf, tell us WHY should we run our own Law Blog?

– It is simple my friends. This is why: a Law Blog sells. Period!


You must know that not every Law Blog sells law services. It is not as simple as crossing the street. But if you know how to run the blog, it can leverage your law practise.


How to write in a law blogLawyers usualy think that what they should do in their Law Blogs is to write articles in the search engine friendly manner. They think so because every SEO specialist tells them that it is the only way in which their blogs can be shown in the Google, Bing and so on. But… is it the correct way of thinking? Is it the best way to run a blog?

I am the last person to tell you that you don’t have to check the position in a search engine. You should do it but sometimes the position is not the key to success.

So what the correct answer is? How important the SEO of your Law Blog is?

There are many blogging-lawyers among my clients. But two of them are really exceptional. One of them (Nicholas) writes about trademarks. The second one (Aneta) describes the law of transplantation. The two Law Blogs are mostly the same at the first sight but it is not true. There is a fundamental difference betwen them and that sets up the difference in the way of promotion of the blogs.